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Le blog du cinema d' Olivier H

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AWARDS/PALMARES du BUCHEON International Fantastic Film Festival : BIFAN 2017

Publié par lecinemadolivierh sur 8 Août 2017, 17:27pm

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AWARDS/PALMARES du BUCHEON International Fantastic Film Festival : BIFAN 2017

Du 13 au 23 juillet 2017 a eu lieu la XXIème édition du Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN 2017).


Catégorie long-métrage :

Best of Bucheon : THE ENDLESS de Aaron Moorhead & Justin Benson

"A perfect combination of science fiction ideas translate to the screen with a strange naturalism and  sometimes scary minimalism. Benson and Moorhead return to the ground of his first feature, Resolution, but this time the equilibrium between art house and genre objectives is perfect."

Par les réalisateurs de Spring, Œil d'Or au PIFFF. Le film est présenté au FEFFS ainsi qu'au Motel/X.


Jury’s Choice : BLACK HOLLOW CAGE de Sadrac González-Perellón
"A stunning use of the science fiction topics to explain the angst of a broken family. With a superb sound design and a haunted use of the space, Black Hollow Cage is original for its clever use of the references from Tarkovsky to the minimalist time travel tales of the last genre movies like Primer."


NH Audience Award : MON MON MONSTER de Giddens Ko

Le film sera présenté à L'Etrange Festival en septembre.

Special Mention : HENTAIDA (I Am a Pervert) de Anzai Hajime
"We would also like to give a special mention to
Hentaida(I Am a Pervert) for its youthfulness and energy by a first time filmmaker in his sixties. It is definitely one of the surprises from this year's selection."



Catégorie court-métrage :

Best Short Film : GREEN de Alonso Ruizpalacios

"Green is an intense and suspenseful film, one that captured a brief but life-changing decision in a slow-burn thriller that escalates to incredible power. It juxtaposes confining and open spaces, displays of richness and poverty, and conveys a wealth of knowledge about its’ character’s life with just a few small shots. As a commentary on masculinity, working class anxiety and the lure of easy money, the film is unforgettable, and director Alonso Ruizpalacios shows great promise."

Jury’s Choice for Short Film : 16.03 de Natalia Siwicka
"This might be Natalia Siwicka’s first short film, but we hope it isn’t her last. The use of a single take to tell the story is a complicated one, and the work that went into planning its execution shows the intelligence of its director. Her meticulous calculations and timing give us a story of tension and terror that feels much shorter than its running time, as she carries the main character, and the audience, on this fearful drive."


Audience Award for Short Film : CRASH de Hong Hengfai



Catégorie films coréens :

LG HiEntech Best Korean Fantastic Film : BEHIND THE DARK NIGHT de Shim Chanyang


Korean Fantastic Best Actress : Park Ji-soo of THE END OF APRIL  de Kim Kwang-bok


Korean Fantastic Best Actor : Oh Ryoong of THE GRAVITY OF ACTING de Chung Geunwoong et Ryu Seong Hyun of THE GRAVITY OF ACTING de Chung Geunwoong


Korean Fantastic Audience Award : RYEOHAENG de Im Heung-soon


Best Korean Short Film : VIBRATION de Jo Bareun


Audience Award for Korean Short Film : WEIGHT OF THE HAND de Lee Sooah


European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation(EFFFF) Asian Award : GODSPEED de Chugn Mong-hong



Save Energy, Save Earth Film Award : ROBY AND TOBY'S FANTASTIC VOYAGER de Wolfgang Groos


Félicitation à THE ENDLESS de Aaron Moorhead & Justin Benson qui succède à THE WAILING (The Strangers) de Na Hong-jin, grand prix de l'année dernière.

Olivier H.

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