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Le blog du cinema d' Olivier H

Le blog du cinema d' Olivier H

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Programme World Cinema Dramatic Competition du festival international du film indépendant de SUNDANCE 2016

Publié par lecinemadolivierh sur 7 Décembre 2015, 20:43pm

Catégories : #Festival

Du 21 au 31 janvier 2016 aura lieu le prestigieux festival international du film indépendant de SUNDANCE, dont voici le programme de la compétition World Cinema Dramatic :

Belgica de Felix van Groeningen (Belgique/France/Pays-Bas) - Première mondiale

In the midst of Belgium's nightlife scene, two brothers start a bar and get swept up in its success.

Between Sea and Land de Manolo Cruz, Carlos del Castillo (Colombie) - Première mondiale Alberto, who suffers from an illness that binds him into a body that doesn’t obey him, lives with his loving mom, who dedicates her life to him. His sickness impedes him from achieving his greatest dream of knowing the sea, despite one being located just across the street.

Brahman Naman de S. Ramachandran (Royaume Uni/Inde)

When Bangalore University’s misfit quiz team manages to get into the national championships, they make an alcohol-fueled, cross-country journey to the competition, determined to defeat their arch-rivals from Calcutta while all desperately trying to lose their virginity.

A Good Wife de Mirjana Karanovic (Serbie/Croatie) - Première mondiale

When 50-year-old Milena finds out about the terrible past of her seemingly ideal husband, while simultaneously learning of her own cancer diagnosis, she begins an awakening from the suburban paradise she has been living in.

Halal Love (and Sex) d' Assad Fouladkar (Allemagne/Emirats Arabes)

Four tragic yet comic interconnected stories come together in this film, which follows devout Muslim men and women as they try to manage their love lives and desires without breaking any of their religion’s rules.

The Lure d' Agnieszka Smoczynska (Pologne)

Two mermaid sisters, who end up performing at a nightclub, face cruel and bloody choices when one of them falls in love with a beautiful young man.

Male Joy, Female Love de Yao Huang (Chine) - Première mondiale

Portrays an unlimited cycle of love stories.

Mammal de Rebecca Daly (Irlande/Luxembourg/Pays-Bas) - Première mondiale

After Margaret, a divorcée living in Dublin, loses her teenage son, she develops an unorthodox relationship with Joe, a homeless youth. Their tentative trust is threatened by his involvement with a violent gang and the escalation of her ex-husband's grieving rage.

Mi Amiga del Parque d' Ana Katz (Argentine/Uruguay)

Running away from a bar without paying the bill is just the first adventure for Liz (mother to newborn Nicanor) and Rosa (supposed mother to newborn Clarisa). This budding friendship between nursing mothers starts with the promise of liberation but soon ends up being a dangerous business.

Much Ado About Nothing d' Alejandro Fernández (Chilie) - Première mondiale

An upper-class kid gets in trouble with the one percent. Sand Storm d' Elite Zexer (Israel) Première mondiale When their entire lives are shattered, two Bedouin women struggle to change the unchangeable rules, each in her own individual way.

Wild de Nicolette Krebitz (Allemagne) - Première mondiale

An anarchist young woman breaks the tacit contract with civilization and fearlessly decides on a life without hypocrisy or an obligatory safety net.

Olivier H.

Programme World Cinema Dramatic Competition du festival international du film indépendant de SUNDANCE 2016

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